Herbal Expert, Terri Cusson

Terri Cusson being enthusiastically thanked for her presentation to HPS.

presents a talk and slide show on Urban Foraging….


Overall view of Cusson Gardens

Stop weeding and start eating. Given a chance some of the most nutritious food on the planet will show up in your yard.

Pycnanthemum tenuifolium w Scolia bicincta double-banded Scoliid

I will be talking about some of the plants commonly found growing in urban CT that are delicious, nutritious and sometimes even medicinal.

Lambsquarter — Chenopodium album

Purslane — Portulaca oleracea

These “weeds” may be just what the American diet is lacking in micro nutrients.


Herbal Ice Tea

Is Your Backyard a possible food source?  Check out the possibilities with Terri Cusson.


Terri has been a Master gardener since 2000, is the owner of Commonscents Garden Design, & Co-President of The Connecticut Herb Association.

Connecticut Herb Association, Inc. Logo

Terri Cusson’s gardens consist of herbs, ornamentals & edibles that sustain her brood of chickens & her hive of honey bees,

Hives of Honey Bees — Cusson Property

and provides sustenance & herbal support for her family. Learn some of the tricks of sustainable gardening

Chai Guild

and the basics of herbal medicine as Terri describes and shows us photos of urban foraging opportunities from our own yards.


We’ve had great times with Terri at past meetings…  here are some examples…


Ellen Hoverkamp at Dec. 2015 HPS meeting

Wassail Tea Winter Celebration 12-201f5

HPS Winter Solstice Celebration December 2015

Terri Cusson Presents Winter Solstice Celebration 2015


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