For anyone who has vegetable, herb or flower seeds, native plant seeds, bulbs/tubers, to spare and swap. Bring your seeds in little containers and be sure to take something in which to carry your new seeds home. Also bring pen and paper to remember what new seeds you have collected.

Golden Rod Seed Head

Golden Rod Seed Head

  • Bring and exhibit your seeds between 7pm and 8pm. We start swapping the seeds at 8pm.
  • Write on the seed containers, plant name, species, harvest place, year of harvest, and your name.
  • To prevent disappointment, only bring those seeds that you can spare. Leave the rest at home.
  • Only take modest portions of seeds. Other people would also like to swap seeds after you have browsed.


We will have an area of education…  learn how to determine viability of seed & germination percentage….  How to dry & store seed…   etc

Aster novae angliae


Question and answer and sharing of expertise on individual seeds within the group.

Owners of a particular unique offering will be expected to  share their knowledge of that plant.

Rhododendron calendulaceum (Flame Azalea)

Rhododendron calendulaceum
(Flame Azalea)


Seed Swap FAQ
Want to know what to expect at a seed swap?
The below are general ideas and guidelines about seed swaps.
First, seed swaps are fun, informative, and you get to meet people who have the same passion for plants as you do. Imagine it as an old fashioned Facebook for seeds. In keeping with the good spirit of a swap, while it’s not necessary to have a one-to-one swap; it’s just good practice to try to bring some sort of seeds to share. Usually, one walks out with way more seeds than one came in with, but seed swaps are just that, swaps. Taking more than you can use in a year, more than you need, or taking entire jars of seeds is just bad news – don’t be “that person”!

Seed Sharing Station

Seed Sharing Station



Why the heck should I come to a seed swap?
Seed swaps serve so many purposes; not only are they fun, they are a way to meet other gardeners, farmers and seed savers, brush up on new techniques, ask questions, and of course GET NEW SEEDS for your collection. Double bonus for breaking up the winter blues that afflict those of us who love working with the dirt.

When is the seed swap?

7:30 pm at the Solomon Welles House,  220 Hartford Avenue, Wethersfield, CT

Solomon Welles House 220 Hartford Ave Wethersfield, CT.

Solomon Welles House
220 Hartford Ave
Wethersfield, CT.

How much is it to go?
It’s free  although a $5 donation is gladly accepted.

What seeds can I bring?
You can bring vegetable, flower or herb seeds you have saved that have not crossed with other types (if you do – it will be a bummer for everyone), commercial excess seed from last year, tubers, fruit scions, and bulbs.

pile of seed ready to process for saving

pile of seed ready to process for saving

Typically, bring seeds that are open-pollinated or seeds that can be saved as “true-to-type”.  (Seeds from hybrids won’t come back “true to type” & may revert to a lesser quality: usually they say on the packet F1) or seeds that are really old and/or will have poor germination.
All seeds must be clearly labeled with the following info:  variety name and species (ie. Brandywine, tomato), the year harvested or purchased, a brief description, original source (if saved).
If you are not sure if the seeds you have are OK, someone will be able to help you determine that at the swap.

I have a lot of seeds in jars/bags, what should I do?
Bring whatever you may have and we will help you re-package it into smaller packets with labels. Just mention it when you come in.
What am I not allowed to bring?
Invasives, hybrid F1’s, old seed that won’t germinate, the mean neighbor who no one likes, and pirates.

I am new to seed saving and don’t have any seeds to swap. Help! What do I do?
It’s OK, you don’t need to bring seeds, although we strongly encourage it. You can bring leftover seeds you may have from last years garden. If you don’t have any seeds to share, you will still walk away with seeds to start saving. The number you can take will be very limited, however.

Will you have Heirloom &  rare varieties?
Yes, but these may be limited,  and dependent upon having a seed  that the owner will accept in exchange.  Much depends on the folks who bring seed &  on the turn out.

Will there be seeds from native plants? 

Yes,  several of our members are native plant enthusiasts.

Sanguinaria canadensis

Sanguinaria canadensis

What do I bring?
Seeds, a writing instrument like a pen or marker, small envelopes to put the seed in. (We suggest using the return envelopes from the junk mail everyone gets.)  We appreciate a sense of humor & camaraderie… and a willingness to share information with other garden-minded folks.

I don’t have a lot of seed to share.
That’s OK. New folks to seed swaps may not have a lot to exchange, but it’s a good thing to go and start somewhere.  This is our first seed swap…  we are all learning at this meeting….

I have seeds but have never been to one of these events before.
Have your seed clearly labelled in bags/jars with the proper name and any info if you saved the seed such as the year saved.
I always try to also have a tag on it where it states the quantity that should be taken.  We will have envelopes available

I have no seeds at all, can I still come?
Of course! We welcome everyone at the seed swap!  We will have an admission packet of donated seeds that will start you off…  you can keep those, or use them to swap for other seeds with other participants.  This is where a $5 donation would be most appreciated to support our sharing efforts.

The Good Seed Catalog Baker Creek Nursery Donated seed & catalogs for our SEED SWAP

The Good Seed Catalog
Baker Creek Nursery
Donated seed & catalogs for our SEED SWAP