Bethany Covenant Church
785 Mill Street, Berlin, CT.

Arriving at our new destination for our 2016 March Into Spring Symposium, the Bethany Covenant Church in Berlin, CT, we found lots of parking and no steps to hinder our entry.  We soon realized we would need more tables for our vendors, breakfast goodies and even for our members and guests.  Everyone pitched in to prepare our room.  Each table sits 8 people and we only had 8 set up for participants, and no tables for food or our vendors were set up when we arrived.  What a rush trying to get everyone admitted, registered & settled….  With such a busy start, we have no pictures of our first hour getting everyone set up for the day.

Fellowship Hall
Bethany Covenant Church 785 Mill Street, Berlin, CT.


We set up a table for breakfast goodies that everyone brought, and ended up also using that table for deserts in the afternoon.  Here we partake of our pre-presentation wake up (or calm down for those of us trying to get everything done).  We did finally organize and set-up the displays, get the soups set up in the crockpots on the counter and the stove going under soup pots in the kitchen so they would be nice and hot for our luncheon.       Attendees were hovering in their coats as the vendors sat up their displays & prepared for a day of answering questions and describing plants and their other wares. 

Our morning speaker was Sinclair Adam. This amazing plant breeder from Scotland is now in Pennsylvania and continuing to do fantastic work. He is known as the “Pharaoh of Foamies” for his tiarellas. He developed the River Series that includes ‘Brandywine’. Nancy DuBrule Clemente was excited to hear that he is a speaker for she is a fan of his Global Warming mums. 


Our Luncheon consisted of many different soups, artisian breads, and other goodies that participants brought to share.  There was plenty to eat and we even had leftover soups and breads that could be purchased for later enjoyment.

We had a wonderful and diverse group of Horticultural Vendors that shared their knowledge and had wares & plants for purchase.  How many can you recognize from these pictures?                               We shopped, visited, enjoyed our repast of soups, breads, drinks, deserts & fruit and were ready for our afternoon speakers.    After a fantastic lunch, Kathy Guest and Michael Shadrack   talked with us about mini and small hostas; suggested cultivars and uses in our gardens. Our local hosta man, John O’Brien, has asked that we get these lively and informative speakers for several years  Participation and questions were encouraged all day.  Our 40 +/- attendees had a very memorable day. 


Are you in any of these pictures….  If you didn’t come last year… don’t miss out again…

                                        Clean-up and returning chairs and tables to the storage room kept many of us busy after the Symposium was “over”…..