Lisa of Earthtones Native Plant Nursery

Rain Gardens, with Kyle and Lisa Turoczi

Native Plants and Rain Gardens…. what’s not to love…. come learn more tonight… Hope to see lots of people coming tonight to the Hardy Plant Society meeting to learn more about Native Plants and Rain Gardens… 7pm at the Solomon Welles House, 220 Hartford Avenue, Wethersfield, CT.                    

Everybody needs a Rain Garden in their back yard! But where to start? Rain gardens are effective ways for dealing with storm runoff by capturing the water coming from gutters or driveways and allowing it to infiltrate back in the ground. This presentation will look at the whys and wherefores of rain gardens, their placement and 
plantings. Lisa & Kyle will show you how, from simple volume calculations to determine how much water comes off your roof during a typical rainstorm, through assessing soil conditions, slope and construction of your rain garden…. A list of plants typically used for Rain Gardens will be explored followed by recent photos of constructed Rain Gardens in our area.
Rain gardens are a simple and effective way to decrease or in some cases eliminate the harm done by runoff caused by rain coming off the roof of a building or by poor drainage situations. A suitable area in your yard is located and is dug and shaped to capture the waters coming out of gutter drains or water rushing off driveways, patios or roads. The garden is planted. This garden then will release the water by letting it infiltrate back into the ground, thus eliminating runoff and the harm caused by runoff. Plant material installed into the garden, hence the name rain garden, aids in the removal of pollutants and helps keep pore space in the soil open with healthy root growth. Not only do rain gardens benefit greatly with storm water management, but they are also a beautiful, colorful garden that attracts and benefits wildlife. Water in this rain garden is not intended to remain. It should seep into the soil. The purpose of the garden is to allow water to infiltrate – not pond!


         Earth Tones, LLC is a native plant nursery that offers grasses, ferns, perennials, shrubs and trees that are native to New England. Lisa & Kyle are speaking to us about rain gardens in the New England environment, sharing their experience with native plants, ecology and the science behind a successful rain garden.

Come enjoy an evening with native plant buffs… Hardy Plant Society meets tonight at 7pm in the Solomon Welles House @ 220 Hartford Avenue in Wethersfield, Ct. See you there!!!