Join us @ 7pm on SUNDAY*… March 22nd

*Please note that we have advanced our meeting date to Sunday, persuading Barry to present to us before leaving Connecticut for an engagement in Hershey, Pa.

Barry Glick is a unique speaker…   Come have fun with us….

Hellebore Heads... Fritzee  w The Glickster   Jerry Fritz   Barry Glick
“Focus on Hellebores”
Barry will present his powerpoint lecture about Hellebores that covers everything from history, breeding, culture and propagation. He has decades of hellebore-breeding experience… & breeds the “Sunshine Selections”


His presentation will include selections from his photo galleries of doubles, semi-doubles, anemone-flowered and other outrageous hellebores. Sunshine Farm and Gardens has a 6-acre section of hillside gardens that are home to the more than 68,000 mature, blooming Hellebores.

hellebore double Sunshine Farms
Barry Glick Sunshine Farm and Gardens… Uncommonly Rare and Exceptional Plants for the Discriminating Gardener and Collector Visit the website for Sunshine Farm & Gardens

We invite you to browse Focus on Hellebores, for image galleries and information on breeding, propagating and cultivation. We specialize in breeding Helleborus. We grow virtually every Hellebore species within the genus and maintain more than 50,000 flowering size stock plants for seed production. Our Helleborus x hybridus ‘Sunshine Selections’ are produced using a labor-intensive process of emasculation and hand-pollination to produce the only commercially available line of true F1 hybrids. And… you can even meet the King of Helleborus. king helleborus

***Note change to Sunday this month


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