27 May, 2015   “Car Pool Field Trip” to private garden collection –-  Having a field-trip with tour of a private garden, nursery or destination landscape is a new feature this season.

Make a day of it….    Begin early and check out Cricket Hill Gardens in the morning, have a leisurely lunch, and visit Jay’s Nursery in late afternoon.
If you only want to make a short late afternoon tour:   Join us for Jay’s Nursery only….   We plan to meet at 3:30 @ “Jay’s Nursery” , as Jay Angel’s yard is known by his friends and fellow conifer buffs.


HPS’s Nursery Tour Adventure

Start your day early & meet at your car-pool location with time to spare.  Plan your departure with your driver.
We will gather for the  day together @ Cricket Hill Gardens for our peony fix.    Map



Schedule your trip to arrive at the nursery after they open at 10 am.

11 am Tasha Furman will start our private tour.

Kasha of Cricket Hill Gardens

Kasha of Cricket Hill Gardens

Cricket Hill Gardens

We will explore on our own before and after the tour and have time for purchases.

CHG Blue-Sapphire

CHG Blue-Sapphire

We should plan on leaving Cricket Hill Gardens around 1pm.

1:30 lunch @ nearby Gayles Depot Square Farm ShoppeMenu            Map      51 Depot St Watertown, CT 06795

              If you prefer, you may bring your own brown bag lunch & drink.
After our leisurely lunch, hopefully around 3pm, we will head on to Jay’s Nursery for a 3:30 arrival.

4pm:   Jay’s Nursery Tour in Watertown with Jay Angel.   Plan on at least an hour – 1 ½ hours for our tour with some time for shopping and exploring the gardens.

“Jay’s Nursery” is a private collection of prize conifers, and other specimen plantings. Many are miniature and of interest to rock garden enthusiasts. Jay has displays of dwarf conifers that he propagates &  grows for evaluation in his gardens.  To begin our learning process, before we experience Jay’s tour:  dwarf is defined by the American Conifer Society using growth rate to establish standards, because mature size varies from area to area. According to the society, conifers that grow from 1 to 6 inches a year or 1 to 6 feet in 10 to 15 years are considered dwarf. There are also standards for miniature, intermediate and large conifers.

Jay Angel is an  Agricultural Research Scientist as well as the  Propagator & Owner / Operator  of Jay’s Nursery  @ 577 Park Road, Watertown, Ct.  Jay is going to give us a personal guided tour of his private gardens and the nursery plantings. We will learn about the provenance of the various plantings, he will answer questions and expand our knowledge of cultural needs for dwarf conifer and other rare plants he grows & collects.  It is only occasionally that the gardens are open to viewing… almost always to specialty plant organizations…  In fact…  I have no actual pictures of his gardens yet… The pic shown here is complements of Oregon State University…

Tsuga heterophylla ‘Thorsen's Weeping’

Tsuga heterophylla ‘Thorsen’s Weeping’

Jay brings in lots of rare plant material from Iseli Nursery in Oregon, which specializes in dwarf conifers and Japanese maples. (Click the link to see hundreds of descriptions and photos of premium dwarf conifers and other garden ornamentals).

Jay’s gardens will give you the chance to actually see a selection of these offerings.  I can’t wait to explore & photograph the unique specimens he has available for us to see and what his selection of unusual plants for sale will be this next Wednesday.…



We will attempt to coordinate those who wish to car pool… Please send an e-mail to eobender@gardener.com to indicate that you are coming to this event on Wednesday, May 27th. Please indicate your preferences on the following form, copy and paste to your e-mail please, or include the information.

 See   Private Tour Registration Form   for more details

Please bear with me everyone… It has been a long time since I last tried to organize a car-pooling trip like this… As it is a new endeavor for Hardy Plant, and I am looking forward to seeing great gardens with great gardening friends…. let us make this a fun day together…

Thanks  for your understanding… hope to see a great group on this tour Wednesday, May 27th…
Ellen O. Bender


Here is a copy of the registration form to cut & paste to your e-mail:

Nursery Tour Registration Form
I am located:
____East of the River: Meeting Place: TAC in Vernon _____________
Other location:_____________ _____________
____West of the River: Meeting Place: Solomon Welles in Wethersfield)____________
Other location:_____________ _____________
____I can drive…. I have ____ passengers coming with me & ______open spots.
____I would like a ride __________
I am a member of HPS________ I am a guest/visitor_______
There are options for each carpool to consider.
_____We can make a day’s adventure and visit a public nursery, have a leisurely lunch at a small family restaurant (dutch treat-each pay their own way), then spend the afternoon at Jay’s private Nursery & home garden.
______For those with limited time available, they can join the group for the afternoon adventure at 3:30 pm @ Jay’s private Nursery & home garden for the 4pm private tour.
We are asking that if you car pool, you share in the gasoline costs of the driver. Non-member guests & visitors are welcome, but we ask each for a $5 donation to Hardy Plant as with any meeting.

Mail to    eobender@gardener.com


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