Wednesday, 22nd April, 2015

Glen Lord
“Bonsai with Cacti & Succulents”
A presentation with live plant specimens– Glen Lord is speaking to us on unusual Bonsai …

 Magnolia Bonsai

Magnolia Bonsai

He is using actual bonsai plants for his talk, rather than showing slides of bonsai…

Gasteraloe "Green Ice" in Glen Lord pottery

Gasteraloe “Green Ice” in Glen Lord pottery

Glen will show us a variety of plants that make excellent, if unusual subjects for Bonsai…

Cactus varieties

Cactus varieties

Find out all you ever wanted to know about what it takes to makes a Bonsai.

Glen Lord with specimens

Glen Lord with specimens

Glen’s personal botanically interesting collection is extensive and award winning!!

Bursera fagaroides bonsai

Bursera fagaroides bonsai

His specialty? Variegated plants, rare novelties, cacti and succulents, Japanese collectible plants ( like Rhodea, Neofinetia and Acuba) and extraordinary bonsai.

Echeveria "Violet Queen" in Glen Lord Pottery

Echeveria “Violet Queen” in Glen Lord Pottery

Glen Lord is an authority after working years at Bonsai West.  Glen has a yen for unusual pottery, so he makes his own….

Unique Planters by Glen Lord

Unique Planters by Glen Lord


He developed the traditional styling and pruning techniques of Bonsai to apply to succulents as well as traditional bonsai subjects.

Trimming & fine details are important...

Trimming & fine details are important…

Glen has been actively growing, collecting and educating students about Bonsai for over 15 years.

Past President and still active in the Cactus & Succulent Society of Massachusetts, Glen talks about the 2011 Cactus Show & display at Tower Hill Botanic Gardens.

He is also the bonsai specialist for the Larz Anderson Bonsai Collection that is housed at The Arnold Arboretum.


Socializing and goodies will begin at 7:00PM with the speaker scheduled for 7:30 PM.  Members whose last names begin with  initials N-Z are asked to bring goodies for April.  Our dedicated hostess, Kathy,  prepares coffee & hot water for tea to enjoy with the repast our members share each month.

Directions for all regular meetings: The Solomon Welles House, Wethersfield, CT       From the Silas Deane Highway (Route 99) turn East on Nott Street.  The house is located at the intersection of Nott Street, Hartford Avenue and State Street.  The street address is 220 Hartford Avenue, Wethersfield, CT.               From I 91, take exit 26 and follow signs to Motor Vehicle Department. The house is just beyond the MVD building at the intersection of Nott Street, Hartford Avenue and State Street.

Guests (Perhaps a potential new member?)   are welcome.   We appreciate a donation of $5 towards our speaker costs…   or become a new member…   


April’s PRO-Rate for remainder of 2014-2015 year…$9.

Our Calendar year of speakers is currently in production for our next season….  Stay tuned to the website for that information as it is finalized.

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