Peter Korn's Propagation Area

Peter Korn’s Propagation Area

Peter is presenting a combination of two talks for Hardy Plant Society on September 30th, 2015. Learning from the wild: By allowing plants in the garden to have similar growing conditions as in the wild, it can be easy to maintain functional plantings. This talk is about how and why plants have adapted to specific conditions in nature. Illustrated by a mix of photographs from nature and his own garden; deserts, steppes, forests, alpines and a lot more. He will include information on different plant environments found in the western parts of the United States. The climate is very diverse, ranging from hot dry deserts to alpine screes. In some parts it is similar to the Swedish climate.


Peter Korn, Noted Swedish horticulturist and author, is a seed-a-holic, a plant-a-holic, and most of all a dig-a-holic. His specialty is natural-looking landscapes, from gardens to natural plant habitats to urban projects that include public rooftop gardens. Through his affiliation with the Gothenberg Botanic Garden he has worked for many years with noted botanist Henrik Zutterland. Eskilsby, his 5-acre private garden east of Gothenburg, Sweden, is open to the public during the summer and includes a nursery with plants for sale. Despite the ever-present cold, wet climate  there, he has created distinct bioscapes: deserts, bogs, steppes, and woodland and rock gardens. Unable to resist any alpine, orchid, bulb, tree, cactus, or other plant, he grows thousands of new plants in the garden every year.

Peter & Panayoti in Peter Korns Greenhouse

Peter & Panayoti in Peter Korns Greenhouse


Panayoti Kelaidis
Peter Korn’s garden ( in Eskilsby, 30 km from Gothenburg.Peter’s gardening philosophy can be summed up by reversing the dictum, ‘right plant, right place’. In less than a decade he has transformed a rather homogenous two hectare site into a landscape of extraordinary diversity, creating habitats and microclimates in order to grow all his favourite plants, from alpine house to meadow to jungle.